File content ignored when creating Asset

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I tried sending a request to create Asset for a theme using postman, and here are my configurations:

Request_URL: 'https://{apiKey}:{password}@{shop}/admin/api/2020-07/themes/{theme_id}/assets.json',

Request_METHOD: 'PUT'


    "asset": {
        "key": "config/settings_data.json",
        "value": "{\n  \"current\": {\n    \"sections\": {\n      \"header\": {\n        \"type\": \"header\",\n        \"settings\": {\n        }\n      },\n      \"hero-1\": {\n        \"type\": \"hero\",\n        \"settings\": {\n          \"hero_size\": \"large\",\n          \"text_size\": \"large\"\n        }\n      },\n      \"feature-row\": {\n        \"type\": \"feature-row\",\n        \"settings\": {\n        }\n      },\n      \"feature-columns\": {\n        \"type\": \"feature-columns\",\n        \"blocks\": {\n          \"feature-columns-0\": {\n            \"type\": \"text_block\",\n            \"settings\": {\n            }\n          },\n          \"feature-columns-1\": {\n            \"type\": \"text_block\",\n            \"settings\": {\n            }\n          },\n          \"feature-columns-2\": {\n            \"type\": \"text_block\",\n            \"settings\": {\n            }\n          }\n        },\n        \"block_order\": [\n          \"feature-columns-0\",\n          \"feature-columns-1\",\n          \"feature-columns-2\"\n        ],\n        \"settings\": {\n          \"title\": \"\"\n        }\n      },\n      \"collection\": {\n        \"type\": \"collection\",\n        \"settings\": {\n          \"grid\": 4\n        }\n      },\n      \"hero-2\": {\n        \"type\": \"hero\",\n        \"settings\": {\n          \"text_size\": \"large\"\n        }\n      },\n      \"quotes\": {\n        \"type\": \"quotes\",\n        \"blocks\": {\n          \"quotes-0\": {\n            \"type\": \"quote\",\n            \"settings\": {\n            }\n          },\n          \"quotes-1\": {\n            \"type\": \"quote\",\n            \"settings\": {\n            }\n          },\n          \"quotes-2\": {\n            \"type\": \"quote\",\n            \"settings\": {\n            }\n          }\n        },\n        \"block_order\": [\n          \"quotes-0\",\n          \"quotes-1\",\n          \"quotes-2\"\n        ],\n        \"settings\": {\n          \"title\": \"\"\n        }\n      },\n      \"image-bar\": {\n        \"type\": \"image-bar\",\n        \"blocks\": {\n          \"image-bar-0\": {\n            \"type\": \"image\",\n            \"settings\": {\n            }\n          },\n          \"image-bar-1\": {\n            \"type\": \"image\",\n            \"settings\": {\n            }\n          },\n          \"image-bar-2\": {\n            \"type\": \"image\",\n            \"settings\": {\n            }\n          }\n        },\n        \"block_order\": [\n          \"image-bar-0\",\n          \"image-bar-1\",\n          \"image-bar-2\"\n        ],\n        \"settings\": {\n        }\n      },\n      \"footer\": {\n        \"type\": \"footer\",\n        \"blocks\": {\n          \"footer-0\": {\n            \"type\": \"link_list\",\n            \"settings\": {\n            }\n          },\n          \"footer-1\": {\n            \"type\": \"newsletter\",\n            \"settings\": {\n            }\n          }\n        },\n        \"block_order\": [\n          \"footer-0\",\n          \"footer-1\"\n        ],\n        \"settings\": {\n          \"show_payment_icons\": true\n        }\n      }\n    },\n    \"content_for_index\": [\n      \"hero-1\",\n      \"feature-row\",\n      \"feature-columns\",\n      \"collection\",\n      \"hero-2\",\n      \"quotes\",\n      \"image-bar\"\n    ]\n  },\n  \"presets\": {\n    \"Default\": {\n      \"sections\": {\n        \"header\": {\n          \"type\": \"header\",\n          \"settings\": {\n          }\n        },\n        \"hero-1\": {\n          \"type\": \"hero\",\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"hero_size\": \"large\",\n            \"text_size\": \"large\"\n          }\n        },\n        \"feature-row\": {\n          \"type\": \"feature-row\",\n          \"settings\": {\n          }\n        },\n        \"feature-columns\": {\n          \"type\": \"feature-columns\",\n          \"blocks\": {\n            \"feature-columns-0\": {\n              \"type\": \"text_block\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            },\n            \"feature-columns-1\": {\n              \"type\": \"text_block\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            },\n            \"feature-columns-2\": {\n              \"type\": \"text_block\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            }\n          },\n          \"block_order\": [\n            \"feature-columns-0\",\n            \"feature-columns-1\",\n            \"feature-columns-2\"\n          ],\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"title\": \"\"\n          }\n        },\n        \"collection\": {\n          \"type\": \"collection\",\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"grid\": 4\n          }\n        },\n        \"hero-2\": {\n          \"type\": \"hero\",\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"text_size\": \"large\"\n          }\n        },\n        \"quotes\": {\n          \"type\": \"quotes\",\n          \"blocks\": {\n            \"quotes-0\": {\n              \"type\": \"quote\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            },\n            \"quotes-1\": {\n              \"type\": \"quote\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            },\n            \"quotes-2\": {\n              \"type\": \"quote\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            }\n          },\n          \"block_order\": [\n            \"quotes-0\",\n            \"quotes-1\",\n            \"quotes-2\"\n          ],\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"title\": \"\"\n          }\n        },\n        \"image-bar\": {\n          \"type\": \"image-bar\",\n          \"blocks\": {\n            \"image-bar-0\": {\n              \"type\": \"image\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            },\n            \"image-bar-1\": {\n              \"type\": \"image\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            },\n            \"image-bar-2\": {\n              \"type\": \"image\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            }\n          },\n          \"block_order\": [\n            \"image-bar-0\",\n            \"image-bar-1\",\n            \"image-bar-2\"\n          ],\n          \"settings\": {\n          }\n        },\n        \"footer\": {\n          \"type\": \"footer\",\n          \"blocks\": {\n            \"footer-0\": {\n              \"type\": \"link_list\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            },\n            \"footer-1\": {\n              \"type\": \"newsletter\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            }\n          },\n          \"block_order\": [\n            \"footer-0\",\n            \"footer-1\"\n          ],\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"show_payment_icons\": true\n          }\n        }\n      },\n      \"content_for_index\": [\n        \"hero-1\",\n        \"feature-row\",\n        \"feature-columns\",\n        \"collection\",\n        \"hero-2\",\n        \"quotes\",\n        \"image-bar\"\n      ]\n    },\n    \"Light\": {\n      \"color_text\": \"#162950\",\n      \"color_body_text\": \"#6d6d6d\",\n      \"color_sale_text\": \"#DA2F0C\",\n      \"color_borders\": \"#e4e4e4\",\n      \"color_button\": \"#DA2F0C\",\n      \"color_button_text\": \"#ffffff\",\n      \"color_small_button_text_border\": \"#162950\",\n      \"color_text_field\": \"#ffffff\",\n      \"color_text_field_text\": \"#162950\",\n      \"color_text_field_border\": \"#909090\",\n      \"color_image_overlay_text\": \"#ffffff\",\n      \"color_image_overlay\": \"#3d3d3d\",\n      \"image_overlay_opacity\": 40,\n      \"color_body_bg\": \"#f8f8f8\",\n      \"type_header_font\": \"muli_n6\",\n      \"type_header_base_size\": 26,\n      \"type_base_font\": \"muli_n4\",\n      \"type_base_size\": 18,\n      \"share_facebook\": true,\n      \"share_twitter\": true,\n      \"share_pinterest\": true,\n      \"social_twitter_link\": \"\",\n      \"social_facebook_link\": \"\",\n      \"social_pinterest_link\": \"\",\n      \"social_instagram_link\": \"\",\n      \"social_tumblr_link\": \"\",\n      \"social_snapchat_link\": \"\",\n      \"social_youtube_link\": \"\",\n      \"social_vimeo_link\": \"\",\n      \"favicon\": \"\",\n      \"checkout_header_image\": \"\",\n      \"checkout_logo_image\": \"\",\n      \"checkout_logo_position\": \"left\",\n      \"checkout_logo_size\": \"small\",\n      \"checkout_body_background_image\": \"\",\n      \"checkout_body_background_color\": \"#ffffff\",\n      \"checkout_input_background_color_mode\": \"white\",\n      \"checkout_sidebar_background_image\": \"\",\n      \"checkout_sidebar_background_color\": \"#e8f3f6\",\n      \"checkout_heading_font\": \"Roboto\",\n      \"checkout_body_font\": \"Source Sans Pro\",\n      \"checkout_accent_color\": \"#1990c6\",\n      \"checkout_button_color\": \"#23314e\",\n      \"checkout_error_color\": \"#ff6d6d\",\n      \"sections\": {\n        \"header\": {\n          \"type\": \"header\",\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"align_logo\": \"left\",\n            \"logo\": \"\",\n            \"logo_max_width\": 135,\n            \"main_linklist\": \"main-menu\",\n            \"message\": true,\n            \"color_bg\": \"#162950\",\n            \"color_text\": \"#ffffff\"\n          }\n        },\n        \"hero\": {\n          \"type\": \"hero\",\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"alignment\": \"center\",\n            \"hero_size\": \"x-large\",\n            \"text_size\": \"large\"\n          }\n        },\n        \"slideshow\": {\n          \"type\": \"slideshow\",\n          \"blocks\": {\n            \"slideshow-0\": {\n              \"type\": \"image\",\n              \"settings\": {\n                \"image\": \"\",\n                \"alignment\": \"center center\"\n              }\n            },\n            \"1492095993817\": {\n              \"type\": \"image\",\n              \"settings\": {\n                \"image\": \"\",\n                \"alignment\": \"center\"\n              }\n            }\n          },\n          \"block_order\": [\n            \"slideshow-0\",\n            \"1492095993817\"\n          ],\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"slideshow_height\": \"medium\",\n            \"text_size\": \"medium\",\n            \"autorotate\": false,\n            \"autorotate_speed\": 5\n          }\n        },\n        \"featured-collections\": {\n          \"type\": \"collection\",\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"grid\": 3,\n            \"rows\": 1,\n            \"show_vendor\": true,\n            \"show_view_all\": true\n          }\n        },\n        \"product-template\": {\n          \"type\": \"product-template\",\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"show_quantity_selector\": false,\n            \"show_variant_labels\": true,\n            \"show_vendor\": false,\n            \"show_share_buttons\": true,\n            \"media_size\": \"medium\",\n            \"enable_image_zoom\": true,\n            \"enable_video_looping\": false\n          }\n        },\n        \"collection-template\": {\n          \"type\": \"collection-template\",\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"layout\": \"grid\",\n            \"grid\": 2,\n            \"rows\": 2,\n            \"show_collection_image\": true,\n            \"show_vendor\": false,\n            \"sort_enable\": true,\n            \"tags_enable\": true\n          }\n        },\n        \"1492033809691\": {\n          \"type\": \"map\",\n          \"settings\": {\n          }\n        },\n        \"1492033877875\": {\n          \"type\": \"quotes\",\n          \"blocks\": {\n            \"1492033877875-0\": {\n              \"type\": \"quote\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            }\n          },\n          \"block_order\": [\n            \"1492033877875-0\"\n          ],\n          \"settings\": {\n          }\n        },\n        \"1492033924902\": {\n          \"type\": \"custom-content\",\n          \"blocks\": {\n            \"1492033924902-0\": {\n              \"type\": \"text\",\n              \"settings\": {\n                \"width\": \"100%\",\n                \"alignment\": \"center\",\n                \"align_text\": \"center\"\n              }\n            }\n          },\n          \"block_order\": [\n            \"1492033924902-0\"\n          ],\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"title\": \"\"\n          }\n        },\n        \"1492096252560\": {\n          \"type\": \"collection-list\",\n          \"blocks\": {\n            \"1492096252560-0\": {\n              \"type\": \"featured_collection\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            },\n            \"1492096252560-1\": {\n              \"type\": \"featured_collection\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            },\n            \"1492096252560-2\": {\n              \"type\": \"featured_collection\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            }\n          },\n          \"block_order\": [\n            \"1492096252560-0\",\n            \"1492096252560-1\",\n            \"1492096252560-2\"\n          ],\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"grid\": 3\n          }\n        },\n        \"blog-template\": {\n          \"type\": \"blog-template\",\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"layout\": \"grid\",\n            \"blog_show_author\": true,\n            \"blog_show_date\": false\n          }\n        },\n        \"article-template\": {\n          \"type\": \"article-template\",\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"blog_show_author\": true,\n            \"blog_show_date\": true,\n            \"show_share_buttons\": true\n          }\n        },\n        \"cart-template\": {\n          \"type\": \"cart-template\",\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"cart_notes_enable\": false\n          }\n        },\n        \"footer\": {\n          \"type\": \"footer\",\n          \"blocks\": {\n            \"link_list\": {\n              \"type\": \"link_list\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            },\n            \"text\": {\n              \"type\": \"text\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            },\n            \"newsletter\": {\n              \"type\": \"newsletter\",\n              \"settings\": {\n              }\n            }\n          },\n          \"block_order\": [\n            \"link_list\",\n            \"text\",\n            \"newsletter\"\n          ],\n          \"settings\": {\n            \"color_footer_bg\": \"#f8f8f8\",\n            \"color_footer_text\": \"#6d6d6d\"\n          }\n        }\n      },\n      \"content_for_index\": [\n        \"hero\",\n        \"featured-collections\",\n        \"slideshow\",\n        \"1492033924902\",\n        \"1492096252560\",\n        \"1492033877875\",\n        \"1492033809691\"\n      ]\n    }\n  }\n}"


When i check the store's themes page, the asset file is created successfully, but the content of the file is not complete, some of the object values i provided are not available in the created asset.

I have tested with different values and it works well, but when i use this specific value, some things are ignored.   

Why does it behave like this?