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I am in need of some assistance from the community.

Here is some context:


My objective:

I have exported a web application folder and I need to insert it into the public_html folder. Once this is completed I need to enable the web application to work on the following URL:


This is the support article that I am referring to:


The issues I am encountering:

My domain is hosted on GoDaddy

All the theme code is hosted on the shopify servers & Shopify can not share FTP credentials for me to access on FileZilla & upload the folder.


Any work arounds and guidance is GREATLY appreciated.


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This would be simple if only we had ftp access. You could just use filezilla and transfer straight from your computer. Shopify does not allow this for security reasons. I'm wondering what the code entails, think you may be able to put it on a new page itself as a theme modification? After all, you can add the html, css, js, and other digital assets. 

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