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Hello All,

We have added tags for filtering colors in our site as 'color_Black' , 'color_Red' etc. Currently, the filters are linked to these tags so that filters would show the products in collection pages, (Red color product if chosen 'Red' from the drop-down).

What I want now is to let people choose more than one color from the filter. I can get a URL created as '' or ''

But if I pass the link with js like this -> '' which has tags from the same group, It won't query the result. (I'm following this guide from Shopify dev tutorials) 

Does Shopify platform support filtering a collection within the same tag group (for ex:- that will generate a link which has both color_Red & color_Black products)? Can someone show me how to address this issue in Javascript or Jquery with regards to this guide.

Thanks for your time!



u can create an automatic collection with condition tag equals to "color_red" & "color_black". so automatically all these red and black color products will goto this collection , u can copy the collection link and share to ur customers

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Hi @Level_3_Expert 

Thanks for the reply. But what I actually want to do is to let the customer choose any combination of these color tags (For ex: as multiple selects with checkboxes) so that the link is changed according to that. Adding an automated collection is great when I have a few colors, but what if I have 10 colors? I would have to create many collections to all the possible combinations that the customer would select from the checkboxes

example color filterexample color filter

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It looks like a limitation in the standard filter function. You can use a 3rd-party app to solve the issue like this one:

This image show 2 selected colors in a filter.