Force duplicated / included section to inherit content from "original section"?

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Hey everyone,

Throughout my themes pages there are some sections that should repeat with the same exact content. Meaning I have a section on my homepage (let's call it "my-section") that I would like to have the exact same way on a custom page template I made where I include that section with: {% section 'my-section' %}

I figured out that when I do that Shopify does not automatically include that section with the same content inherited from its "parent section".
So whenever I want to make changes to texts of that section I have to do it twice in the theme editor UI. Once for the homepage and then once for all other pages that include that section.
I also figured out that once you include that section on another custom page it actually does inherit the content from the second one. So it to me it seems Shopify stores information in two categories: One for homepage section and one for page section.

I am wondering if there is a way to force the duplicate for custom pages to inherit the content from the "original homepage section". The reason I am asking is because it makes the whole website very prone to have inconsistent copywriting changes (especially because I have localization on my store, so whenever I make a change to copy I have to update it 4 times. Once for the homepage, once for all pages that include the section and then two times to translate both. It's annoying and takes too much time).

Super happy about any hint that could lead me into the right direction!