Force unique price in add to cart button OR other solution // Partial Payment for booking product

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Hi there,

On my store (Kingdom theme) i sell unique expensive products.

I would like my customer pay online for a part of the price (1000$) to book the product (and then there is a contract and bank transfer for the rest of the price).
I want also that on the product page, the price displayed for the product remains the full price...

My first idea was to put as Product Price the full price and for Compare At Price, i put 1000$.
When a customer click on the add to cart button, i want to use the compare at price data.

Second idea was :
- create a specific template (model) for Booking product
- on the cart button, instead of using Product.Price, i force to use "1000" instead.  


In both case i have no clue to where i can modify the code..


Any ideas?