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Hi all. I wonder if anyone can help please?

I've just launched www.blindmancoffee.co.uk - working with a single fulfilment partner which is a roastery. For my first few orders, they have received the standard fulfilment request sent automatically. However, because they work at speed to get orders processed they would like to have something simpler so they can eliminate mistakes i.e. the delivery note.

In an attempt to make this work I have tried swapping the entire code from the delivery note into the fulfilment request which has partially worked. They received the delivery note but without the line items. Can anyone advise how to get the line items included so that my fulfilment partner in effect, automatically receives the delivery note in place of the fulfilment request?

A big thank you in advance of replies.


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I have a couple ideas:

1) You could add their email to the order confirmation request email, that will have the line items + notes. Then they can reference that when fulfilling.

2) If you just want them to receive the fulfillment email, you could do same as #1 but add the line items to it. Couple references to help you with the Liquid objects to put in the template:

https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/orders/notifications/email-variables#fulfillment-properties - use the fulfillment.fulfillment_line_items variable and loop through it, something like this:

{% for item in fulfillment.fulfillment_line_items %}
    <li>Title: {{ item.variant.title }}</li>
    <li>SKU: {{ item.variant.sku }}</li>
    <!-- etc -->
{% endfor %}

<p>Order Note: {{ note }}</p>


3) If you want the fulfillment request to be sent automatically when the order gets place, people use our app Order Automator to:

- Automatically make fulfillment requests of line items based on the products in the order

- Automatically send an email to a supplier with the order contents + shipping information + notes (plus anything else you want, they're customizable)

4) If none of those solutions work, you can always build a custom app to do exactly what you want (for example create a portal they can log into and see / update orders, or send notifications at certain points in the order process, or when a staff updates the order, etc). If you're not familiar with custom apps, it's basically an app built specifically for your store that interacts via the Shopify API to achieve any functionality you'd like. We build custom apps quite often for stores wanting a specific solution that doesn't exist in Shopify or the app store.

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