GA and Enhanced Ecommerce setup

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Is there a way to access / change the way Shopify sends Enhanced Ecommerce data and Events to Google Analytics? (e.g. add more details, change event category names, etc.)

Longer version:

I've set up GA and enabled Enhanced Ecommerce, however the way the data is sent to GA seems a bit fragmented.

For example: I press "Add to Cart" on a collection page (without directly viewing the product) and the following event gets sent:   'ec': 'EnhancedEcommerce',  'ea':'Added Product'. It doesn't even say which product was added.   (I'm using an app to filter products on collection pages, not sure if the app is responsible for this or Shopify's setup)

Then I go to the product page and press "Add to Cart" from there, the Event that gets sent to GA is ec: "Product Category" ea: "Added Product" with the Enhanced Ecommerce data.

What I'm getting at is, it's the same action (even though from 2 different places), which shows up in different categories, where the former doesn't even have the details. I'd like to add event labels etc.