GSC is empty, have I set this up incorrectly

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Hi Community,

my GSC has always been empty

GSC empty.png






originally I had a shopify shop with a shopify domain  which I submitted into GSC and GA

I also put the property ID in the shopify preferences page for GA

I then purchased a customised domain called from and transferred it to shopify

I replaced the property ID in GSC and GA (GA works wonderfully)

Now there are two properties in GSC as can be seen here.The customised one verified and the not verified

craftbierbox verified  not verified.png









Also the domain was replaced by the customised domain in the domain settings of the shop


Domain info.png







Even though changes like the sites meta description, store name or new product are reflected the google search results,
my GSC remains empty.

As the shop is still stored on a shopify server and the myshopify domain is still visible when I go ito the backend, I'm wondering if this domain also has to be verified in the GSC.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated and very welcome