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A few months ago I began building a store on Shopify using the GemPages app.  I had quite a bit of it ready to go and decided I wasn't pleased with it and wanted some additional functionality.  I'm not a coder, so I need primarily drag-and-drop (although I can often work my way through some basic issue and tweak code if I can find a decent thread about it).  In any case, when I decided to convert from GemPages to Shogun, I simply deleted the GemPages app and built my store with Shogun.

I've had to go in recently and make some minor edit to code and noticed a large quantity of files under the Layout, Template and Assets sections of the the code.  I can tell these are from Gempages because they have the word "gem" in the name of the file.  

I am using the DEBUT theme.

I'd like to clean up code that's not being used.  So, I have the following questions:

  1. Can I simply delete those files that have the word "gem" in them without impacting the functionality of my store?
  2. Do those gem pages files impact my store speed, even if they are not being used?
  3. Is there a process to backup all of the code, as it currently stands, so that I have a copy of my current store and configuration befogging attempting to delete any files?  Just in case something goes wrong, I don't want to lose my store.

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Hi Tom. I'm James and I'm the Customer Success Manager of GemPages. 

Thank you for sharing your concerns here. I would say, if you already converted all pages from GemPages app to your chosen page builder then you can delete files that contains "gem" words such as page.gem-xx, index.gem-xx, or product.gem-xx without any worries. 

If you are still worried about this, do not hesitate to reach our team for further assistance. We are willing to help! : ) 

I really hope it helps. You can reach us on live chat at any time. 

Best Regards.