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The shipping link in my cart page currently links to the shipping policy as a brand new page.

Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 1.48.05 PM.png




I'd like that link to populate as a pop out as the policy links do in the checkout page >>>>>Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 1.48.24 PM.png

The link in the cart is currently populated in the admin languages:

"Taxes and <a href="{{ link }}">shipping</a> calculated at checkout. <p> <br> We offer Free Standard Shipping on all orders over $50 within the United States.* <p> If you'd like to expedite shipping you can do so at checkout."


Is there a code to command a pop out, as is does in the check out policy links?


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Hi @JuliannaMarie

You can use this markup to create new modal when click "shipping" link on the cart page for your site.

<body class="template-cart">

  <div class="cart__shipping">

    <a href="#">shipping</a>


  <div class="modal">

    <div class="modal__button">X</div>

    <div class="modal__content">

      <h2>Shipping info</h1>

      <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Laboriosam officia perspiciatis esse. Ut assumenda, aspernatur sunt repellendus blanditiis soluta recusandae, cum, quod saepe voluptas doloribus est, sint cumque. Molestias, quis!</p>




I wrote an example for you refer to this link:

Screenshot to refer:

Hope this helps.

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