Geocontent - How to show content based on IP / browser or keyboard language?

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Hi shopify community,

We sell learning towers in three german speaking countries -, and for Switzerland. The thing is this is one store with masked cloaking. We have done it this way to save money on apps, shopify monthly payments and above all on hundert of working hours we would have to spend building up the site. The biggest con is we cannnot serve different content for different countries. It is not a big flaw, but we would like to have the possibility to do it. 

What we are looking for:

  • Show custom HTML code based on IP or browser/keyboard language (de-de, de-at, de-ch). We want to put the code at least into liquid template, but ideally also in shopify editor.
  • = We are looking for a way how to show content based on geographic location.

What we are not looking for:

  • Multicurrency store - we know about multistore apps and setting, but this is not what we are searching for.
  • Popup redirect - we dont want to have a popup on site saying "if from country X, navigate to our store for country X".

Is there a way how to set this up in Shopify?

Soon we are opening a store for Ireland, so the same situation will happen with & Because of this reason, this problem is a priority to us. If there is a shopify developer who can set it up, please get in touch. We will be happy to pay for the set up.

Best regards,

Michal from Tukataka team

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hey @michalc 

I have set up number of such features on different sites. No use of additional apps required. All handled within default Shopify build. 

Can you give me your email address? I will message you the details and some examples  

Need Shopify help? Send me an email :)


Long story short, you'll need a third party provider that offers geolocation identification via an API so then you can implement it into your theme. There are some free and "hack-ish" ways to achieve this, however, in my opinion, they're most definitely not reliable for an e-commerce.

Personally I use and recommend IP Registry (I'm not associated with them). As of now they offer you the first 100k calls for free. After that, you can choose a plan. 

They will give you an API to work with, so you/your developer can implement whatever feature you'd like into your Shopify theme.

Kind regards,

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