Getting frustrated! Shopify Products not showing on Facebook, done everything to fix it.

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So, for the last month I have been trying to get Shopify to connect with my facebook store. I have gone through similar topics here and spoken to support through the chat. Nothing has worked and i'm getting very frustrated - I honestly hope someone can help.

So far, this has been my process: 


- We initially connected the store through a different facebook account, however decided to switch to a different Admin. Since doing this, the issues have been endless. 


- Only 5 -10 products will sync out of the 100 in my catalogue. Collections don't show, and under the product manager the shopify data source only has 1-10 products showing at most. 


- When I add new products they will sync, but not the old ones. I tried removing them from the facebook store on the shopify backend and re adding them, and that did nothing. 


- I have disconnected and removed all shopify integration to FB and reconnected it five times now. I wait three days before trying again. It does not help. 

There is currently 1 product in my facebook store, and i'm at wits end. Please help me. What is the point of paying for a feature that doesn't work? 



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Why has Shopify not responded to any of these threads? The integration between Shopify and Facebook is clearly broken.