Getting only US, and Rest of the world on calling the countries api

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Hi, I am calling the coutry api ("/admin/api/2019-07/countries.json"), but on I am only receiving US, and an another key named Rest of the world.  How can I fetch all the countries? I need them so I can find the country ID. I can't use graphql, I am calling it in application.js, so using axios, any help appreciated, thanks!



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Let's take a look at a key note from the API docs:


The Country resource lets you access the countries and tax rates set up by the merchant. The countries list includes a default entry called Rest of World, which represents all non-specified countries.


So based on what you're getting back I assume that this store has the US setup for tax/shipping, but nothing else. If that's the case the endpoint is working as expected.

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