Gift Cards API not working for custom app

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I am developing an app that is supposed to manage gift cards for a Shopify Plus Store. At first I was using a private app and everything was working well, until there was a need to make use of App Proxy which is not supported by private apps so I had to switch to custom app. After switching to custom app and setting up the proxy, the Gift Card API starts returning 404 Not Found whenever I try to generate a Gift Card. 

According to the docs:, it says I have to use the latest Shopify API Version which i already configured for the library that I am using. Does anyone have a proof of the Gift Cards API working for custom app or is this an issue from the Shopify API?

If anyone has a proof of the Gift Cards API, please share your code. Also, for more information, I am using NodeJS and Shopify API Node Library ( 

Thanks in advance.

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Gift Card API access isn't enabled out of the box - even if your app defines that scope.
You would need to request it so someone at Shopify can grant access.

Have you confirmed that your app has gift card access?

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