Google Ads think My Shopify app is malicious or unwanted software


google malicious.png


My Application list link ==>>


Many merchant query about disapproval of google ads due to malicious code inside shopify store.

i tried it myself google disapproval with same error.

i have changed my logic and tips and trick on internet but nothing will work out for me.

so i'm back to shopify community to help me to save it from this crisis 

even i contact google support and ask what i have to do. According to google guide i do search console and verified website and my application and scan security issue all signal are okay but i

don't why still googlebot detect my app is malicious. 


Last time it happened it fixed but this time again google caught me. is there any way to get my domain name whitelist or another trick ?



You are probably serving your script from a relatively new domain. It seems that Google gets very suspicious when a new script from a new domain appears on too many websites too fast. You can read about it here:

There is a similar thread opened on these forums

I hope that this will help you.