Google Adwords - Get declined for malicious software

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Google CSR says 3 links in your  site are malicious links. They don't say where on site their located. Shopify says they don't think they exist. Seal Subscriptions (vendor) says google did not approve their software yet.  I wish I knew where to search / locate for these links.  I did a source inspect of home page and could not find them.


Also Shopify must have a technical support team that has skill set to remove them. I can't believe that Shopify would allow ad apps that are not 100% approved, like the phone apps are like. 

I am lost, I am not a programmer, but am above average with getting around. Since now I am focused on this site building type thing, i should just go to another site, like a Godaddy or something, after a little more research .

If this site is not indexed by Google, or not allowed their ads, no reason to stay with it! Any help or suggestions from anyone would be appreciated. 


I understand there is a higher level team that you can have custom work done with a 1 hour work to upscale some things. They could help with this . I hope I didn't buy a lemon!


Examples provided by Google >>