Google Images only showing collection image, not the product image in a search

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I'm using the minimalist theme, have submitted the sitemap to google webmaster, it's been crawled, 91 URLs found, but every Google image preview is just the 'Collection' image.

Started doing some googling to see if my images are appearing, and have a very big issue...

Been naming all my images to be relevant, edited all the alt text as I go.

When I google one of my images/products, all I see is the 'Collections' image.

This isn't much use for prints.

For instance, to find an image I know exists, googling...


That just shows the 'Patents' image and not the 48K Spectrum image.

Is this down to google, or how Shopify store images giving google issues, will be a give up moment if I can't show the actual image in a google image search, when really such a search on google should go straight to the product and show this image in Google images: