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In order to open a google merchant account I need to verify that I am the owner of my site. 


In the articles I have found people here have been using a meta tagged code to verify it. 


But my code looks something like this: google-site-verification: google909c2d7e16bc9982.html 


The instruction from google tells me to upload the file to my site. 


How do I go about this? Thank you.


Ps - allready was in contact with the shopify support but they weren't able to fix it



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Files are no longer allowed to be uploaded on Shopify.

So you need to use meta tags.


Go back to Google Merchant Center > Business information > website and from the options choose alternative options if not already open. Then choose the option html tag (meta tag)

Copy the meta tag.

Then go to your theme and add it in the head on the theme.liquid template.


Hope this helps.

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It should be easier!  Really!