Google PageSpeed Insights - low score

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Hi there, 

I've been testing our Shopify store on the Google PageSpeed Insights tool, and the score is incredibly low. The mobile score is 9. 

The biggest red flag is:

Reduce the impact of third-party code Third-party code blocked the main thread for 10,160 ms

The biggest offender is the jQuery Javascript file: 

…assets/jquery.min.js?v=1466538…( 30 KiB 5,306 ms

It doesn't take 5 seconds to download this file, it's hosted on a CDN obviously. What is taking 5 seconds? 

I've read through other posts and people have commented "don't worry about", but this is Google's tool. It's well documented that this tool looks at the properties that Google uses to evaluate how fast a site loads.

Other users have suggested the ShopifyAnalyzer tool, which gives our site a score of 97 on mobile. How can two tools produce such different results? The screenshot also doesn't show our actual page, it just shows our language selection tool, and shows it has loaded only 4 images. We probably have 30+ images on the site, so it's clearly not loading the home page correctly. 

Does anyone have thoughts on this?