Google Search Console Errors - 'Price'

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one of our sites has the error from Google:

Invalid price format in property "price"

This is the Existing Code google has highlighted:

<h2 class="product-price" itemprop="price">
        <span id="ProductPrice">$99.99</span>
        <span id="ComparePrice"><s>$119.97</s></span>


And this the liquid from product-form.liquid for the Shopify theme Debut:

<h2 class="product-price" itemprop="price">
        <span id="ProductPrice">
            {{ current_variant.price | money }}
        <span id="ComparePrice">
            {% if current_variant.compare_at_price %}
                <s class="reduced-price">{{ current_variant.compare_at_price | money }}</s>
            {% endif %}


Any suggestions to fix these types of errors??