Google Search Console - LCP issue: longer than 4s (mobile)

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I have recently started seeing the following issue on Google Search Console (LCP issue: longer than 4s (mobile))


On further analysis, I found that this happens when it takes a lot of time to load the page.  As a part of opportunities for improvement shown by Chrome Dev Tools Lighthouse report, it shows the following opportunities


So by the looks of it, Shopify scripts and theme scss files are the ones responsible for causing the max delay. Does anyone how this can be improved.

I am using the Debut theme. Also currently, every additional css I add to theme.scss.css which will only make the problem worse. Does anybody have a  better solution for adding new css rules.

Also feel free, if you think I am completely wrong and LCP issue is caused by something completely different. 

This is affecting my website load time on mobile. Your help is highly appreciated.

The LCP element in Google PageSpeed Insights (GPI) is the hero image. This element happens to be LCP for both desktop and mobile. However, on the desktop, it loads in 1.5s whereas on mobile it takes 5.8s. Please find the screenshot of the LCP element.  My website address is -



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Having the same Google Search Console LCP issue here, and have seen similar issues brought up repeatedly starting about two months ago. Husband is a developer and he can't find a way to fix it. We can't figure out why Shopify is doing anything other than making sure their code plays as nicely with Google as possible.

I did find another Shopify Community thread (original post HERE) where this was recommended:


  • Remove render Blocking by making javascript load asynchronous (in the background)
  • Remove unnecessary shopify apps
  • Preload web font
  • Preload js and css to reduce the loading time
  • Combine all js in one file and also for css to reduce the number of requests
  • Load only visible images by implementing lazy loading technique


We've done as many of these as possible. Still having issues, but at least we managed to get our speed up quite a bit.

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My LCP score was under 2, last month, but then I added the Google Analytics to my main Debut Theme in Shopify and now my LCP on mobile are over 5 sometimes 7.   I am no expert, but maybe removing your google analytic tag coding may be the answer to your LCP problem.