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I'm having an issue where I'm using the Google Shopping App to hook up my inventory to Google Merchant Centre which, as far as I'm aware, should pull in the feed to GMC on a daily occurrence. 


However, I keep seeing 'expiring items' in the Merchant Centre which points towards the feed not being pulled in. The number of live items in GMC has dropped from 1400 to 250 in 2 weeks and there's nothing I can do to stop it. This has happened before and I was advised to try the below which I have tried but to no avail:


 - Edit each item in the store to 'refresh' the product list and encourage it to be pulled into GMC

 - Request a manual sync by Shopify (have contacted but no response, this worked last time but don't want to have to do this every time)


I need to get the expired items back and stop this from happening in future but not sure how???

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If the app uses Content API, then no it will not push data on a daily occurrence.

Google can only pull on a daily occurrence when you have data feed such as text delimited or XML. For example my application generates a static text delimited file on a daily basis. This file then gets pulled by Google on a daily basis. Extending the expiry date every day by 30 days.


With content API, this info is only pushed when a change is detected. This is the down side of these systems.


As far as I know, you need to make a change in the product data, save it and then content API will push the product info. If this is something you do not want to do every day, consider using my application.

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You have to keep updating your feed and check for the expiring products. It seems like a lot of work and can be very time taking, in order to deal with this issue and save you time and effort we have developed an app, Easy Google Shopping Feed by AdNabu. This app automated most of the tasks for you and sends you prior notifications to you in case you have any issues.

Please share your feedback regarding the app, it will mean a lot to us. 

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