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Hi, we currently have a Google Smart Shopping campaign running, and it is broken down into categories of products as per the main headings on my website.  We now wish to break this down further to the sub categories / nested categories.  We have added tags to each product in each nested category and the plan was to link these products via the tags to our Google campaign, and if I can mention, I am not too techy, and we have someone who manages our Google ads but he is struggling to link the products to google via the tags.  Any help would be appreciated.  What he is asking is how we get the product tags to assign to custom label 0 in the google shopping app.

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Simply answer is, you can't.

Your requirement is more advanced and requires you to use an application that can map tags to custom labels. For example you could use datafeedwatch and setup a lookup rule or if else rule to set your custom labels based on tags.


Alternatively, the only other option is to create a spreadsheet and create your custom labels manually.

You can do this by first downloading your product info, explained here:

Then edit the data keep the columns id and custom labels and upload as a supplement feed explained here:

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Hi Suzie 

What you are asking for it is not possible with Shopify or Google Ads. You need to integrate an external app into your Shopify account.

You can find this complementary apps in the Shopify store.

So, you can try this Google Ads & Shopping app for Shopify in order to customize the categories of your products.

Don't hesitate to ask me any question about it.