Google merchant center suspended because of price error!

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I'm in the process of getting my products advertised on Google Ads. So I provided my product feed, directly from the csv from Shopify. But when the Google bots checked my website, they see a discrepency in the price for some products :

  • Only products when the first variant are not the cheapest variant have this problem
  • The price on the product page and the price I provided on my feed do always match
  • BUT, in the liquid code, every time there is a {{ product.price | money_without_currency }}, the result will be the lowest price, despite the default price being different, and even if the page URL specifically refers to a higher priced variant!!!

So when I see a product page source, and I search for the prices of each variants, it's the lowest price that appears first, and I think it's what triggers Google to think it's the product price. Is there a way in Shopify to make sure that the price always refers to the default variant?

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One reason is related to structured data. Make sure the first item listed in the structured data, is the one pre selected. Meaning if the ad link is for the 3rd variant. Than the first item listed in the structured data must be the 3rd one.

You can updated the structured data using the code here:

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