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I have a SEO optimisation report stating that a number of our product website "pages with only one internal link"

Most of our products pages already have a "You might also like" with multiple other products from the collection on their page. As these other products within the same collection, would these each not be recognised as each having internal links ?

Can anyone recommend anything else to create additional internal links with the aim to optimise SEO ?


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This is kind of a side effect of the duplicate canonicalization issue common to most Shopify websites. 

One extreme way to fix is replace this:

{{ product.url | within: collection }}

With this: 

{{ product.url }}

That will change the entire site architecture and flatten things out so all collections link directly to the "root" product URL. This will likely also reduce the number of products that "have only one link" assuming that most of your products exist in multiple collections pages. 

There are a lot of things to consider in changing this, and that is one shotgun way to likely fix the issue raised by the SEO report.

Also, I'd say be careful of two things:

  1. taking the word of automated SEO audits/reports at face value - they never have context
  2. making theme edits (like the one I suggested) as one typo can really break your site. To mitigate risk, there is a built in Shopify theme file rollback, you can take a theme backup before changes, or get a dev to make them for you.
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