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Hello there
In my google shopping app, my feed looks like this (see image).


What I am curious to know is why the color and size of the products are not in the corresponding columns, but under the products name in the column "title". In sted of the associated columns "size" and "color", that is market with a dash.


What does that dash mean?



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Hi Henrik, 


when using the Shopify Shopping app, you can set those elements on product level and not on the variant level, so the variants will be delivered in your feed with those attributes. You might find other apps like where you can add that information on variant level.

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The dash most likely represents that nothing is added.


With my application you can map option 1, 2 and 3 to any attribute.


For example if the first option is size, then you can map this to size. If the second option is color, map this to color, etc...


You can even use rules to extract data from the title to map it to variant attributes.


There are a lot of applications out there, all with different features.


Hope this helps.

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