Guidance to create "shared sub collections" / "theme" categories

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I'm new to Shopify, and i'm a bit surprised by the lack of structural possibilities of Shopify out of the box.

I don't have much time to dive into Liquid, i was wondering if some of you could help me find ressources/or provide some guidance on how to achieve the following:

(I'm a JS/React developper, so you can talk technical. If you also know a theme/plugin that can do what im looking for it would be a huge relief !)

Basically the goal is to be able to have displays of collection products filtered around a top pivot category.

Im going to have the same kind of category structure.

  • Men
    • Jackets
    • Sweater
    • Underwear
  • Women
    • Jackets
    • Sweater
    • Underwear

I'd like to avoid creating a specific collection for each like "Men jacket", "women jacket", etc...

When clicking on "men" collection for example, the collection landing page should list all subcategories (Jackets, Pants, etc..)

I came across some tutorials to make sub collection templates, the issues is that when i click on a subcategory from the "men" collection page, it is simply going to the collection, and also include products from women collection.

Could anyone share some ressources, or explain me how i could make a structure like this ?

I guess i can use url path as a "pivot" collection filter, so url structure would look like this:

http://mystore/collection/men/collection/jacket - could use the first collection param as the pivot filter, to only show jacket that are also in the men collection ?

let's call Men, and Women collection 'theme collection', the ur structure of the website should look like this: = Landing page for the theme collection (in the example, men or women) = Landing page for a collection, including only items from the theme collection = Product Page

I'd also like products URL to be unique (no duplicate like standard Shopify behavior), i did remove the 'include : collection' from the link to the product, however, id like the product url to include (and only) the top category (eg:

Hopefully some of you will be able to help me about this,