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Hi everyone,


Thanks in advance. I have tried going through the community posts for a solution but could not find one.


I am having issues with the H1 tag on my homepage.


I checked using both https://www.seoptimer.com/h1-checker and https://www.seoreviewtools.com/html-headings-checker/


And they both indicted 2 h1 tags however both are blank.




checking the source code it shows the same:

1 around my logo and 1 for "heading-text"




After checking the forums they said  not too worry too much about the logo and or having multiple h1's however I want to add in "KiwiGrub: New Zealand Food and Candy Snack Box Subscription" into the heading h1 tag rather than being blank.


I have no idea where to change/edit this too occur. Again from the forums I noticed others editing their code to achieve this but wouldn't really know where or how.


In my page.liquid it is as follows: {{  page.title  }} but showing up on all the SEO tool as blank.



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I would also like an answer to this!