!!!HELP!!! I can't select variants to the cart! It cannot be changed from default value.

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I need help with this. Its driving me postal and I just cant get the bastard to work!!! Days and days have gone by and I've got absolutely NOTHING from my shopify after repeated emails about the problem. Can someone please help??? 

Its doing this:

1/ The photos of the products cannot be changed or selected. Default only. If you try and select anything else it comes up in another window. The default photo stays right where it is. 

You can select whatever you like but when you go to the cart its back to the default item. Really really annoying and I've messed with it for days now and got absolutely nowhere. I cant do anything with the store until this is resolved. It was working fine a week ago and now for some reason it simply wont work!!!!

2/ The second problem I'm having is with the menu. Its absolutely impossible to create a drop down menu!!!! Again this function was working fine before and now it isn't. It just simply wont work. I've deleted it, put it back in, messed with it for days and days and come up with the same result. NOTHING! Extremely annoying!

On the iphone the "hamburger" menu does nothing. Nothing that I can do will change it. It just doesn't work.

It works on the ipad and desk top but does bugger all on the iphone.


Can someone please help? Im getting absolutely nowhere here and time is going by and I'm not getting anything back from the repeated emails I'm sending shopify.


My site is fareastmeridian.com




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Hi leecooper

This sounds like a javascript error to me and upon inspecting the console there are 2 errors in there that 

looks to me is breaking the site.



the first error is in reference to this:




I dont believe that whole line should be there at all.  
Was this copy and pasted by yourself or someone else?

Do you have any experience in editing the code with shopify?
Of if its custom theme perhaps contacting the developer of the theme to help you out.

If you do know how to edit the code I recommend cutting and moving this line after the opening <body> tag, and see if this fixes your issues.

You said it was working fine a week ago, were there any new plugins you installed in that time? If so they could also be breaking the site.
As indicated here by this error on one of the product pages.


Hopefully these suggestions point you in the right direction.
Let me know you how you go.

Kind Regards