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Hi Shopify Community, 

I really need your help, I was trying to remove leftover code from deleted apps, but I accidentally deleted the piece of code for the shopping cart icon so now it is just a blank white square outline. It's affected my conversions as customers are having a hard time checking out so I am trying to get it fixed ASAP. I am not an expert in any way so please provide detailed instructions as to where to insert the code. I am using the Brooklyn theme. 


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Hi @dlzonwlz2020

This is my recommendation for your issue. Please follow these steps:

1. Go to Online store -> Theme -> Edit code

2. Section -> header.liquid -> find the cart snippet to insert this code below

3. If you can't find bellow code then add it in this "a" tag

<a href="{{ routes.cart_url }}" class="site-nav__link site-nav__link--icon cart-link js-drawer-open-button-right" aria-controls="CartDrawer" tabindex="">

  <span class="icon-fallback-text">

    <span class="icon icon-cart" aria-hidden="true"></span>

    <span class="fallback-text">Cart</span>


  <div class="cart-link__bubble{% if cart.item_count == 0 %} hide{% endif %}">

    <span data-cart-count>{{ cart.item_count }}</span>

    <span class="icon__fallback-text medium-up--hide">{{ 'layout.cart.items_count' | t: count: cart.item_count }}</span>




Please let me know if you need further support. Hope it's helpful! 

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