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Rookie mistake here. I started advertising on FB for the very first time and aside the Shop Now button that my FB provides, I also added a link to my product between two emojis like this: ⬅️link⬅️. The problem is that since there is no space between the emoji and the link itself, FB is adding the last emoji to the url which of course results in a 404Error.


According to Shopify analytics traffic goes to: link⬅️

However when I paste than in my browser it shows up as: link⬅%EF%B8%8F


FB doesn't allow me to change the text of my ad as I'm using same post across all ads (or at least I don't know how to do it) and it would be a real mess to have to delete all my ads and recreate them.


My approach has been to add an URL redirect. But when I create this, if I paste "link⬅️" it gets automatically translated to : link%E2%AC%85%EF%B8%8F


Would this resolve my problem or should I do something else? Will this still work ok for my FB pixel?



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Try "link⬅%EF%B8%8F" in the redirect field , or you'll need to put a either  metafresh or <script> to to redirect when that page 404's.

Otherwise setup new ads.

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