*HELP* Video (.mp4) won't upload!

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Hi guys,


So I'm trying to upload a video by going to Settings > Files > Upload Files


And I pick the file "videoplayback.mp4" -- the file size is 850 KB so it fits the size requirement, but when I go to upload it, I get the following message: "videoplayback.mp4" The file type is not supported.


I don't want to embed the video, I'm trying to put it on a loop so I need to upload it this way, as far as I understand it.


I've tried uploading from different browsers, nothing has worked...please help!


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I tested a few larger files I had here and didn't run into issue.
What happens when you try a different file - like one from here: https://sample-videos.com/


I also tested the first file from that link above without issue. If that works that might suggest something is a little funky with your file.

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Hi Jason,


Thanks for the reply. 

So I tested the first MP4 sample video, the rabbit one and the issue continued.

It also says that it's not supported.


Any other suggestions?

I have absolutely no idea why it's not working... :( 

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Uh never mind..so I figured it out


For anyone else having the same problem, here's the fix:


If you're still on trial and haven't picked a plan yet, it won't let you upload any videos.

So basically, pick a plan with Shopify and start uploading


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guess that's "costumer service"

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That's helpful!

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Hi Jason!

Hoping you can help me with mp4 upload issues too!

I've tried everything - wondering if it could be because my image setting is set to 'Natural' and not a specific size? (ie 4:3 or 2:3 etc)

My images and mp4s are 3:4 but the theme I am using, Archetype's Motion: Classic theme doesn't have the option of 3:4, so I opted for 'Natural' in the settings. I've tried adding an mp4 from Files then on product page, 'Add media from URL'  then 'Add Image' and pasting the url. I get a message that says:

Media upload failed

Some of your media failed to upload, please retry again.
  • Image: Media could not be processed because the image is an unsupported file type.

I also tried adding mp4 in the actual product page, but most I cannot. One uploaded via my mobile / shopify app, but then it wasn't visible on the front end.

I've also reset Chrome. sorted Extensions, deactivated Adblocker, checked firewall - all of that stuff, + tried using Incognito.

Nothing is helping yet!


any advice would be hugely appreciated!

thanks, Ruthie