HTML Code not working the same for each customer notification, impossible to complete?

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Hi guys,

I have been writing the customer notifications for our store in HTML. I am no expert but I get by. 

I started with the Order Confirmation and Shipping Confirmation and everything worked great writing code and using Liquid Variables to get it looking and working like I wanted it to.

Then I move on to the RETURNS and especially the one called RETURN INSTRUCTIONS, which is the one that is sent when you are in orders and use the "SEND RETURN LABEL" to the customer. So a very important notification.

The weird thing is nothing works the same when writing code for the RETURN INSTRUCTIONS notification. The Liquid variables don't work at all and some of the code is just not working at all. And it's only this single notification which works different. I even tried copying the 100% working code from Order Confirmation or Shipping Confirmation and none of them work on this particular notification called RETURN INSTRUCTIONS.

So, my question is: Why does normal otherwise working code not work on RETURN INSTRUCTIONS? Is there something different with only this particular notification?