Hamburger Menu Responsiveness

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I would like to change my menu responsiveness, which is the width where it switches from the hamburger menu to the normal menu. I could not seem to find the code to edit that. Can anyone advise? 


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Not all themes allow to change the device "breakpoints" from the settings.

Most of time these values are embedded in the theme CSS and sometimes there are some JS logics, based on screen size.

You can check you template CSS files in particular the file style.css for the following line of comment


/* All Mobile Sizes (devices and browser) */
@media only screen and (max-width: 798px) {



That block contains many of the logic applied when the max-width of the device is 798px.

You can try to change that value, but first perform a copy of your theme and work the copy in Preview mode.

Just changing that value could create side effects to other elements style.

If you are not much into code development, I'd suggest you to try contact the theme developers and ask for more instructions, or to eventually hire Shopify Expert.


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