Having problems connecting my shopify store to my facebook shop

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I have 2 business pages on Facebook: a primary and a shop. I created the Commerce Account and Facebook Shop on Facebook. I wanted to sell my products from my Shopify store but I wound up with my product inventory appearing on the Shop panel of my primary business page because of the options I chose when creating the Commerce Account.

On shopify, I ran the Facebook setup (Sell Your Products On Facebook) on the Sales channel. When I click on the Create New button in the Commerce Account section I get a message saying "You can only have one Commerce account per Facebook Page. We will delete your old Commerce Account and create a new one". After clicking Create New button, I get the following message: "We couldn't create a Commerce Account because your Catalog already has one connected. Contact Facebook to help you resolve this issue." The setup deleted my Commerce Account on Facebook.

I have been working with Facebook support since the beginning of October to resolve this issue. Currently, the only catalog that appears in my Facebook Business Manager is Shopify. This morning I was told to contact Shopify support for additional help.

My Shopify Store is still under development. 1) How do I remove my Shopify catalog that appears on facebook so I can run the Facebook setup on shopify to create a new Commerce Account? 2) How to I then connect the Shopify catalog to my Facebook Shop page?

Thanks so much for your time and attention.