Having trouble connecting domain to another host

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I am having trouble connecting a subdomain to another site.

Domain is under Shopify. 


This is what I am trying to achieve: 

www.site.com <- points to main site/shopify 

text.site.com <- points to subdomain/cms 


So far I created the subdomain on Shopify

I have it pointing to the IP of the other address as a A record

I was then told to add a CNAME record but the values they told me to input weren't working and received an error, "Value must be a valid FQDN". Read up on that, got kinda confused.


Any help or direction would be appreciated! 

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Did you every resolve this? I am having the very same problem. Set up the subdomain but when I go to edit the CNAME record I get this same error. Love to know how you resolved.


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Incase anyone finds this thread, issue is likely same as described here https://community.shopify.com/c/Shopify-Discussion/Unable-to-add-DKIM-Cname-record-for-365-email/m-p...

Issue being that via Shopify domain management a CNAME with an underscore is rejected with this error (even though CNAME records with underscore are common)

No fix as yet. So we will be resolving by transferring domain to different domain management service