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Is it possible to link the site created with Google Site to the Shopify page?

By redirect ...

I sent this email to ask you a short question for my 'problem' for which I browse the internet to find information that I think has either never been encountered or the number of people who have tried to do so. It's too small.

That something is:

Q: Is it possible to create another (custom) custom theme theme for me, to have redirects with my Shopify page?

Site created through Google Site
When someone acts on my domain (www.preference.co.uk)
Link between Google Site and my shopify page

Link the site created with Google Site to the Shopify page.

Through redirects.

Example: when someone accesses www.preference.co.uk to enter my products site, that product should also exist in my Shopify store and the "consumer" should have my interface on the Google site

Should I ‘link’ the site created with Google site to the shopify page?

By redirect ...