Help adding social buttons under top right menu.

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Hi! So, I’ve managed to get contact and reviews put in my top right headed! YAY! Now I would like to put my social media icons below it. Here is a link to my shop:

I can't pay for this to be done so Im looking for a way to do it myself please.

So top right where it says Log in, Contact, Reviews, Search, Cart…. Below that Id like to put the social media icons that are in my footer. I want them to look exactly the same. Here is the code for the footer:

{%- if block.settings.show_social_media -%}
                  {% include 'social-media', class: 'Footer__Social', spacing: 'loose' %}
                {%- endif -%}


I tried sticking it right after the cart code, I tried after the last </div> but before the </header>. And I can’t seem to get it to show up. Its probably because Im using the wrong code. Oh I tried changing the “Footer” to header too. That didn’t work. LMFAO!

Anyone have any suggestion?

And here are some pics, if you don’t wanna visit my site: I should specify I don't want the word social in there, just the icons. ^_^ Got a little crazy with the red pen there. lol