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Im trying to add an order tracking page to the top navigation bar of my website but i dont know where to start. I have two ideas but im not sure how to do either.


The first idea I had is when you click "track order" in the header, instead of going to a page, it directs you straight to the tracking website.


The second idea is when you click "track order" it goes to the order tracking page on my website. This page has a field where the user enters his/her tracking number. Then below, there is a button that says "track order". When this button is clicked, it directs you to the tracking website but also enters the tracking number automatically.


Im not sure how to implement either of these. If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it a lot! I'm using the debut theme if that helps at all. Also heres a link to my website.



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Hi Derek,


I think your first idea is easy to realize.

1. Go to "SALES CHANNELS", click "Online Store" and choose "Navigation".

2. Cllick "Main menu" and "Add menu item".

3. Name: Track Order, Link, save it. And you're all done.


Your second idea will be a little more complicated. I'd like to recommend you a free tracking widget which will help you easily realize that.

If you want to direct your customers to a tracking page with tracking number entered automatically, you only need to choose the "Model" as "Checkbox". Other settings like color, size, width, you can choose what you like. The code will be changed automatically after you set it up. Don't close the page and we're ready to go.

1. Go to "SALES CHANNELS", click "Online Store" and choose "Pages".

2. "Add page" and click "< >(Show HTML)" on the content bar.

3. Copy all the code on that page(There are 2 parts) and paste it into the content bar. Save it.

4. Go back to where you create your "Track Order" in the header and link it to this new Page. Save it and Done.

It'll direct you to another tracking page(not global cainiao) with the tracking number entered automatically, but I think it works functionally.


Hope this helps. Cheers!



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Hello @Derek_Lezon,


I would suggest to go for the second option, ie. create an order tracking page within your Shopify store. This would be helpful for your customer which result in more customer engagement.


You can easily do this using Shipment Tracking & Notify app. The app allows you to have a "Track your order" page within your store. Your customers can put in the order details and track their order from within the app. There is no need for the customer to move out of your Shopify store. 

The app will also help you send tracking notifications to your customers and automate the complete tracking process.