Help on empty button problem with slick-prev or slick-next buttons in mobile view

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I was looking at the WAVE tool by WEBAim and I became curious about this 'Empty Button' reference error when it came to the slideshow left right arrows for my product images in mobile view. 

First of all, the arrows don't even show up visibly in mobile view, even though I can see it in this code.  The only thing I see are the gray dots at the bottom(the slick dots) and everything works perfectly fine swiping left and right, so the buttons seem to be completely moot.  

Does anyone here have any idea why if the slick dots are working, then why are these buttons also activated, and why its labelled empty to begin with (which is how WAVE caught it)?  I even found the code within my vendor. js and tried to modify the section in the slick. js area but it didnt make any difference.  I am not sure where I can modify it in product.liquid, which is where it calls out the slideshow to begin with.  

I am also wondering if I can go ahead and delete all instances of the prev/next buttons?  I had never used them anyway.  If so, how would i go about it?

Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 10.23.15 PM.png


Thanks in advance!