Help with email subscription edits and discounts

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Hi there, thank you in advance for your attention and help! I have a couple of questions regarding our Pearls4Girls website: .

  1. When shoppers first go to the website, there is an option to subscribe to our newsletter. I have tried looking at our connected apps, and in many spots on the backend of our website, but can't figure out how I can access this subscription form to change the email it goes to! How I can see where our subscription email settings are?
  2. There is also an bar that appears along the bottom of the site on a shoppers first website visit, advertising '10% off your first order'. We would like to omit 4 items from this discount. I also am having a lot of trouble finding how this was set up or where to get to the back end of it/if it's possible to exclude items from this discount.

I would greatly appreciate your help with these two questions! I've attached screenshots to help with my explanation. Thank you.

10% off bar.pngemail subscription.png