Help with using variants for the first time and how they display in collections

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I have tried using variants for the first time today to include the three colour variants I have of a water bottle under one product. Is it possible with variants to then display each variant as a separate product when a customer looks at the water bottle collection on my website?


For example, previously I had a separate product for each colour, so when a customer would click water bottles on my top menu, this would show them all three colour options as they were separate products, but now I have changed this to variants it only shows the one. Is there a way to display all three variants separately in the collections, that if clicked on all link to the same product but just with the differing variant selected? 


I only changed to variants as it makes for a better landing page from adverts when the customer has the option to choose the colour they want, but to customers now arriving on my website naturally it may look as though we only have one colour variation.


I am using the minimal theme if this impacts this.




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Hello Jake,

Yes  it's possible with variants to display each variant as a separate product but this things requires lot of customization. 
I have code but it's compatible with other theme and it's not possible at the moment for me to write steps and share code here.

If you need with without customization you can search in app store. App is available for it.


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