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Hi guys,


I just created our shop with the prestige theme but a few thing I might wanna change. Hope someone can help me out becase I can't find the solution.



First we want to hide the search form on our page at the head section. 

Second we want to hide not all but the most of the seperation lines down below  ("Meinungen" section for example)

Third we want to hide the "Ecommcer von Shopify" Slogan at the footer

Fourth at the product page we want to make the price a bit bigger

Fifth at the product page we also want to hide the recently viewed section


Can anyone help me out? :)






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Hi Ferdi, 


1. hide the search 

It might just be a option which you could turn off -> navigate to Shop -> Menus and check your main menu for the Search - otherwise go to Shop -> Themes -> Customize your Theme and in the Editor choose -> Theme Settings Tab. This should bring up some general theme options. Try to find a "Display Search" Option. If this still doesn't work out then go to the theme code editor -> search for the header.liquid and search for this bit of code 

HorizontalList__Item. There are multiple classes like this look for something like data-action="toggle-search" - there you could either remove the html (<li> -> </li> ) or you could add a class "hide" to the element and then use css to hide it later with .hide { display:none; }


2. Again open the Theme Code editor and look for the theme.scss file. Then search this key: .shopify-section--bordered

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You not only helped me so much you also saved my a**! 


Thanks  a lot!