Hiding excessive advanced tags groups?

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Hello community,

My first post here.

Advanced tags is an awesome filtering tool, but issues arise when I want to e.g. create “on sale/new arrivals” collection, which combines products of completely different kinds with specific filtering tags... then all tags and filtering groups are kinda messed up in those “mixed” collections.

For example:

Let’s imagine a pillow with Size_King and a T-shirt with Size_XL

When they both added into “on sale” collection... showing a group of filters, like Size [King, XL] does not make any sense and it looks confusing.

Or let’s say T-shirts have a tag group Colors_ but pillows have a tag group Fill_

Having these two filter groups together in one collection does not make any sense either.

To resolve this, I was thinking about the following:

Step1. I’ll create one general group of tags, like Type_ or Brand_, and then I’ll make it appear first (done).

Step 2. Then I need to hide all other advanced_tag groups for specific so called “mixed” collections like “on-sale” or “new arrivals” - this is in-progress.

Obviously, I will need a special layout for such “mixed” collections, but may be someone already has some code to copy-paste or points me to the right direction? :)

Let’s say, I have a theme supporting advanced filters. Technically, I need to display only 1 group of tags, starting from selected Group_name for specific collections.

What would be the best way to do it?