Hiding product price, tax included, and quantity on specific product pages

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I'm looking for a way to adjust my product-template.liquid code to hide the product price, the tax included text, and the quantity on any product pages that are tagged with Product Type "Auction".

This is using the Debut theme. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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This is an accepted solution.

You can get a list of tags on your product with {{ product.tags }} (docs)

...and you can check if a particular tag exists in that list with the "contains" operator (docs).

...and you can wrap the items you want to hide in an {% unless %} tag (docs) that will only render its content if the condition you give it is not true.

Putting it together, the following is the same as saying "render this content only if my product does not contain the auction tag":

{% unless product.tags contains "auction" %}
  <div class="product-single__quantity">
    <!-- ...code for quantity selector... -->
{% endunless %}

 You could then do something similar for the other items you want to hide.

Hope that helps!

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Simple solution and it worked like a charm for everything I needed to hide.

Thank you from this coding newbie, Andrew!