How To Disable Postal Code For Saudi Arabia E-commerce Store

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I am working on a Shopify store that targets the users living in Saudi Arabia. To buy a product from the website, a user must provide the postal code as it is a mandatory field. For majority of the customers in Saudi Arabia, postal code is not an important part of the address and many of them are not aware of this information. But, the customer must enter any 5 digit number in the postal code field before he can make payment. This is creating a frustrating experience for many of the users on our website.

It is important to note that Postal Code is not a mandatory field for all the countries. For UAE, customers have the option to choose from a number of regions ( a drop-down field). A similar option for the Saudi Arabia would be much more helpful and user-friendly. I can provide the list of regions if Shopify staff are ready to pay attention to this important issue.

I did some research and found that it is not possible to disable or remove the "Postal Code" field from the checkout page.  I also checked the cart.liquid and cart-template.liquid and that didn't help either.

What can I do to make the checkout process smoother? Ideally, I want to remove the "Postal Code" field or make it optional. 



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@MeetAlpha I understand that shopify has kept this field mandatory for Saudi Arabia. There is nothing much you can do in checkout page as Shopify has completely restricted this.

But a workaround may be possible based on the fact that you can change the name of the fields in the checkout page. I suggest you change the name "Postal code" to "Type 12345 in this box below". This is not an ideal solution but atleast customers now know that they can type 12345 there to continue which will help increase your conversion rates. Hope this helps.

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