How To Use Custom Domain For Self-Hosted Website?

Shopify Partner
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I am hosting my shopify store on my own web server. I have developed a custom website and use the shopify Storefront API to fetch all of my store's products and display them on my website.


I want to associate my custom domain name with my shopify store, however I do not want to modify the DNS records for this domain as I want them pointing to my own hosted server, not my shopify hosted store (which I don't use).


The reason this is an issue because all of the email templates and some checkout links redirect to "", and I want them to link to "". Is anyone able to advise a way I can do this or if it's possible?


I see two current options right now.

  1. Find some way of automatically redirecting all traffic from "" to "".
  2. Setup "" in shopify as a primary domain by changing the DNS records. And then repoint my domain to my custom server afterwards.

I'd love a better solution to either of the above if anyone has any ideas?