How can I do Product Variant Builder / Steps?

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Bit of a odd subject because I'm not sure how to word it.


Essentially I'd like to have a variant 'builder' where people can go through steps to customize the exact product they want.


Very much like this shopify site:


As you can see, there's steps you go through and you can do 'next' and 'previous' its all very seamless and although it feels as though you go through multiple pages it is actually all on one page (as you don't have to load the next step, meaning its quick and seamless).


I can see they're using Bold Product Options, is this something you can do via this app or are they using a custom script? If so how hard is it to implement?



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I understood your goal and yes, it's possible to implement the same feature using custom code. I can help you to implement it.

Please contact me directly by mail for more information.


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