How can I improve my site speed on mobile?

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I am using the site audit feature on Ubersuggest. My desktop speed is excellent at 1 second, but on mobile its only good/fair at 5 seconds.

My site is:

The advanced breakdown says:

First Contentful Paint - 2 secs

Speed Index - 4 secs

Time to Interactive - 5 secs

First Meaningful Paint - 2 secs

First CPU Idle - 5 secs

Est. Input Latency - 29 ms

Does anyone have any suggestions for speeding it up? I've looked into compressing images. Is it best to do this yourself or using a Shopify app for image optimization?



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I like to use an app for auto-compressing product images, collection images, and your Assets folder. Then manually compress images embedded in blog posts + images you upload in the Customize Theme section (apps can't access those).

Here's the method and tools I use:

Your site (at least the home page) look pretty good from an optimization standpoint. 3rd party app widgets like the chat and the trust pilot usually cause some page lag, chat apps are good for engagement though so if it's working well for conversions it's probably worth keeping.

You also have a console error I think related to that chat widget: 

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 9.14.25 PM.jpg 

Sometimes these errors cause slowdowns, sometimes they don't. I would fix it if you can though. If you're not familiar with how to work with the console I wrote some tips here:

From a conversion optimization viewpoint, couple things that stuck out to me are no logo and no info (or at least easy to find) about the brand. I would make conversion rate optimization a priority before performance since your site is already pretty lightweight.

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You can have a quick test on Google PageSpeed Insight:

There are too many js files block main thread so the site is loading slow on mobile. These js files are probably from 3rd party apps. 3rd party cookie also takes a second to load. Also the facebook js files are repeated.

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