How can I make a wholesale order for a customer

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Hi - we are on Shopify+ and have a wholesale store.

How can I make a wholesale order on behalf of a customer, with wholesale pricing,  and send them an invoice to pay? 

If this can't be done, can I login as the customer and place the order for them, sending them an invoice? 

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Hi @SallyMitchell 

If you go into your orders screen in your admin, you should see a button to 'Create Order'. From there, you can manually set up the order, including customer information (if they've ordered before, you should be able to look them up and have the customer info pre-filled), product information (including the ability to add custom items not currently listed in your products if needed), add shipping and discounts, etc.

Once finished, you can email them the invoice/checkout link to complete payment.


Hope this helps!

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